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BlogBiz: I got a Twitter.

27 Sep

It is insanely hot in Los Angeles – triple-digit heat – and it’s sapping my will to blog today.  This is the Gaian payback for an unusually mild summer, methinks.

In the meantime, in case you haven’t noticed, I jumped on the social networking bandwagon and got a Twitter account for the blog.  Sometimes I come across articles or other media that are of interest to the readers of this blog, but I don’t have the time or inclination to dissect them, or I don’t feel that a quick blurb is worth a blog post.  Twitter seemed to be the perfect solution for passing on these items.  So check out the feed on the right-side column, follow me if you wish, and if something sparks enough interest, I can always blog about it later.

Speaking of which, if you have a topic that you think would make a good blog post, write me or leave a comment here.  I can’t promise to write about the topic in the future, but it’s always good to have a pot of ideas percolating.

Thanks to everyone who has visited the blog.  You make my day, at least most of the time. ;D

Young beta in love uses Facebook to speed the demise of his 2-week relationship.

3 Aug

I’m sure this is not an unusual occurrence, but for the love of Pete, people need to count to five hundred twenty before they post anything to Facebook.

I was skimming one of my regular message board haunts today and came across a thread entitled “Aw, young love.”  Thinking it was going to be about, say, someone’s junior high daughter having a crush on the most Justin Bieber-y boy in her class, I clicked.  What followed was this:

This guy I know who is about 21 and never had a real relationship just got a girlfriend. They have been dating two weeks and have already announced that they are engaged and both of their facebooks every day are full of grand sweeping poetic love declarations. The engagement isn’t a “real” one yet (like with a ring or date or real plans to move forward) but rather a “declaration of love and dedication to the emotions we feel in our hearts”

It is soooooooooooooooooo cute. I hope they survive the inevitable puppy love honeymoon stage crash. I don’t think people who have never been in a real relationship understand that not every day is going to be grand facebook declaration worthy

I’m not sure what is the worst part of this post to dissect first, because it is all bad.  The only thing that could make this story worse is if Beta in Love called up Delilah After Dark to dedicate “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain or “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls to this girl.  Basically, men of all ages:  do not be this guy.  I’m sure Girlfriend is swimming in a sea of oxytocin at the moment and is therefore blind to this guy’s overwhwelming beta-ness, but eventually she is going to wake up and wonder who this drip is that she gave heart/soul/body parts to.  Also, an “engagement” with no real plans to move forward that is based on “the emotions we feel in our hearts” has approximately a 6-month expiration date, max.  I feel sorry for all the Facebook friends who will have to suffer through the inevitable crash.  Luckily for them, Facebook allows you to block people.